Sunday, 8 October 2017

Best platform Linux or Windows

Q. Which is the best platform Linux or Windows?

A. If your website coded in ASP and require SQL database, then Windows is the option, otherwise, for all other requirements, Linux is most preferred.

When you are in search of web hosting provider, it is important to find a provider that offers you what you exactly need in hosting. It's not necessary to look for only the price, extras and the unique features of that particular web hosting company but you should also consider what type of hosting they offer. Most of the hosting providers offer you a choice between Linux and Windows hosting.
If you are new in the web hosting the world and confused which hosting, you should choose. We will help you in understanding the two different types of hosting i.e. Windows and Linux Hosting.
There are two types of operating system i.e. Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. When you decide to purchase hosting from a web hosting company, you are essentially asking them to place your website, files, and code on their computer, which runs by one of the two operating systems.

Windows Cheap Web Hosting
The most famous and well-known operating system. Windows hosting has so many advantages like if you have the need to use any Microsoft products on your website, the best way to go is with windows hosting. You can easily integrate many Microsoft products right into your site with Windows hosting. Windows hosting includes several options like:
  • SQL Database
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Access Database
  • FrontPage Integration
  • ASPmail
  • IIS
  • PHP
ASP.NET Windows hosting is the best choice for beginners, and most people are familiar with windows hosting.
Linux Best Web Hosting Linux hosting is the best option to integrate tightened and extremely high-security levels into their websites. Linux hosting is ideal for sites that need to use database systems, such as with various shopping carts, merchant accounts, and the like. The level of security is much higher with Linux and safer for your shoppers. Linux hosting includes the following features like:
  • Mod Rewrites
  • MySQL
  • Higher Stability
  • Apache Web Server
  • Better Control
  • PHP
  • Chmod Permissions
Linux hosting is the best operating system for beginners. It requires a certain level of knowledge in programming and commands, and technical expertise is also necessary.Selecting the best web hosting plan:
If you need a website with PHP compatibility, excellent security and are knowledgeable in the technical aspects, then you have to go with Linux.
If you are looking for Microsoft integration, ASP, An interface suitable for beginners, then you have to go with windows hosting.
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  2. In my opinion both hosting platforms are great. Linux is good and easy for beginners and windows hosting is more for pro bloggers/website owners. Both have fantastic features.
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