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Best platform Linux or Windows

Q. Which is the best platform Linux or Windows?

A. If your website coded in ASP and require SQL database, then Windows is the option, otherwise, for all other requirements, Linux is most preferred.

When you are in search of web hosting provider, it is important to find a provider that offers you what you exactly need in hosting. It's not necessary to look for only the price, extras and the unique features of that particular web hosting company but you should also consider what type of hosting they offer. Most of the hosting providers offer you a choice between Linux and Windows hosting.
If you are new in the web hosting the world and confused which hosting, you should choose. We will help you in understanding the two different types of hosting i.e. Windows and Linux Hosting.
There are two types of operating system i.e. Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. When you decide to purchase hosting from a web hosting company, you are essentially asking them to place your website, files, and code on their computer, which runs by one of the two operating systems.

Windows Cheap Web Hosting
The most famous and well-known operating system. Windows hosting has so many advantages like if you have the need to use any Microsoft products on your website, the best way to go is with windows hosting. You can easily integrate many Microsoft products right into your site with Windows hosting. Windows hosting includes several options like:
  • SQL Database
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Access Database
  • FrontPage Integration
  • ASPmail
  • IIS
  • PHP
ASP.NET Windows hosting is the best choice for beginners, and most people are familiar with windows hosting.
Linux Best Web Hosting Linux hosting is the best option to integrate tightened and extremely high-security levels into their websites. Linux hosting is ideal for sites that need to use database systems, such as with various shopping carts, merchant accounts, and the like. The level of security is much higher with Linux and safer for your shoppers. Linux hosting includes the following features like:
  • Mod Rewrites
  • MySQL
  • Higher Stability
  • Apache Web Server
  • Better Control
  • PHP
  • Chmod Permissions
Linux hosting is the best operating system for beginners. It requires a certain level of knowledge in programming and commands, and technical expertise is also necessary.Selecting the best web hosting plan:
If you need a website with PHP compatibility, excellent security and are knowledgeable in the technical aspects, then you have to go with Linux.
If you are looking for Microsoft integration, ASP, An interface suitable for beginners, then you have to go with windows hosting.
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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is also known as cloud computing, based on web-based computing that allows numerous or we can say an unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Many servers provide the guarantee of security of cloud hosting in comparison with other hosting solutions which get the guarantee of security on one server only. The cloud technology promotes a growth of the website by allowing resources, such as space or RAM to combine or integrate easily.

Why companies are moving to cloud computing or cloud hosting

From last few years that companies are moving to cloud hosting, because of the several reasons; in general terms, you may have the benefits of
  • Your business website is performing very well
  • Multiple machines guarantee it
  • You may get the guaranteed server resources (CPU, RAM)
  • Removal of unnecessary storage of data
  • Save you even from single point of failure
  • Promote the growth of your Website with flexibility
  • Cheap and affordable and generous features
If we talk in concrete terms, you may run your business with the help of cloud hosting with WiFi connection, which shows that it can work in an efficient way anytime, anywhere. Cloud hosting also reduces your expenses by reducing the salary of your one employee, i.e.,  an IT candidate who may be required in other hosting solutions to look after your hardware, software, but this is not necessary for cloud hosting as it is simpler, cheaper and better.
Cloud hosting allows you to reduce your business expenses on the service of hardware, which otherwise places significant financial burdens on growing businesses and also increases the likelihood of some failure.

Cloud hosting proves cost-effective for your businesses and helps you to manage your fast-growth business.

Cloud hosting is very flexible, as it quickly meets the demands of the market because it is having a huge capacity of the service’s remote servers.
Companies or businesses which used the cloud-based services do not require sophisticated disaster recovery plans. They take care of most issues and solve them fastly in an average of 2.1 hours, nearly four times faster than those businesses which didn’t use the cloud (8 hours).
Suppliers of cloud computing take the responsibility of maintenance of server including security updates of their customer's website, and by this, they free their customer’s time and resources for other tasks.

A business which has minimal project start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses are using Cloud computing says that it is much faster to deploy and there’s no need for capital expenditure at all.

Cloud computing allows all the employees to work on documents and shared applications simultaneously. Thus it increased collaboration among all the staff which increases efficiency and improves company’s bottom line.

With the help of internet accessibility, employees can work from anywhere which positively affects workers' work-life balance and productivity

Cloud computing allows you to keep all the files in one central location, and everyone works off of one original copy.

Regarding security, cloud computing is very much secure because it allows you to store everything in the cloud, all the data which cannot be accessed no matter what happens to a machine.
With the help of cloud hosting, enterprise-class technology can be access by small and medium-sized enterprises. It also provides the opportunity for smaller businesses to act faster than big and established competitors. Companies which are not using the cloud are relying on tape backup methods and complicated procedures, which cloud users usually don’t use. Another benefit which is receiving by the small and medium-sized enterprises is that cloud computing reduces the consumption of energy and carbon emissions.

Businesses and industries using cloud computing or cloud hosting use the space of the server as per their requirement, by which they get several benefits like their carbon footprint decreased, less consumption of energy and carbon emissions than using on-site servers.

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Latest News and Hosting Review Godaddy

godaddy WebHostingGodaddy webhosting company is most preferred web host among many business due to the quality hosting services it offers along with its feature-rich hosting. On top of that, their hosting is affordable yet of good quality. The company was founded back in 1997 by Bob Parsons to offer hosting services to businesses at an affordable price and yet quality hosting services. Over the years since it was started, the company has swiftly grown to become a leader in the web hosting industry without any disappointments over the years.

NamePriceUptimePriceVisit Now$2.24 /mo99.9%$2.24 /moVisit Site
GoDaddy Review / Company introduction

GoDaddy Physical Address, LLC 14455 N Hayden Rd Ste 226 Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Arne Josefsberg, the new CIO at GoDaddy

Godaddy  Reputation

The Godaddy web hosting company has a reputation in the hosting industry as a company that offers clients great web hosting company that is full of great features to cater adequately for the needs of their clients. On top of that, the company is known to have state of the art equipment in their data centers along with well trained experts in the industry.

Godaddy  Features

The Go Daddy web hosting company offers clients three basic hosting plans: the economy plan whereby the client gets 10GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth,10MySQL databases and 100 email accounts for just 0.99 dollars per month. On the Deluxe plan on the other hand, the client is charged $ 5.94 per month for 150Gb of disk space, 500 e-mail accounts 25My SQL databases and an unlimited number of web sites and unlimited bandwidth.
The ultimate plan costs just $8.49 monthly and has features such as  unlimited disk space, bandwidth and websites. My SQL databases are also unlimited and clients have access to 1000 e-mail accounts. On top of that, one gets free a Malware Scanner,a free SSL certificate with a fixed IP address and a free premium DNS to top it all up. Go daddy web hosting offers both windows and Linux based hosting services. More so clients get a free domain name with any annual set up plan and FTP access. It also supports various programming languages such as Perl, Python, Joomla, PHP and many others.

Godaddy Review from real customers and Performance

Their data centers are well equipped with the latest and state of the art equipment to enhance their hosting services. On top of that, the employ the use of the best quality routers servers and firewalls to ensure that the services that they offer clients are the best available in the industry. GoDaddy has the best trained experts in the field who ensure that clients get the best hosting services. Besides the expertise, the company also employs the use of state of the art equipment to give clients the best web hosting services all over the world. Their up time statistics are great and thus clients have their web site running throughout the day and night.

Godaddy Support/ Customer service

Clients get daily back up for their data just in case of anything and are entitled to a network up time of 99.9% thus ensuring that their web sites are up and running throughout the day. Users also  have access to the company's concierge service where they can get fast, reliable and expert set up services  for free on the free toll number the company offers.

Godaddy web hosting Up-time of Go Daddy


Godaddy web hosting Reliability

Clients at Go Daddy web hosting are entitled to a network up time of up to 99.9%. Their hosting services are considered to be the best as they are easily scalable to the clients' businesses. On top of that GoDaddy web hosting company have  no hidden fees. Clients get a free set up and software from the company on registration.

Achievements : Listed in BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Having "A+" Ratimg

GoDaddy Site Analytic s Website Industries Plan Specifications

Companies Features:
Up-time Guarantee:
Marketing Credits:
10 Fotolia® Photo Credits
Hosting Platform:
Linux | Windows
Money Back Guarantee:
30 Days
No ✘
Auto Backups:
Order Now:
Products Offered:
Domain Registration:
Yes ✔
Dedicated IP:
Yes ✔
Cloud Server:
No ✘
Cloud Shared Hosting:
No ✘
Reseller Hosting:
Yes ✔
Shared Hosting:
No ✘
VPS Hosting:
Yes ✔
Dedicated Server:
Yes ✔
SSL Certificate:
Yes ✔
Yes ✔
Yes ✔
Yes ✔
Yes ✔
Maximum Emails Per Hours:
250 /day
Spam Filters:
Yes ✔
Live Chat:
No ✘
Phone Support:
Yes ✔
Ticket System:
Yes ✔
Additional Support:
Language Support:
PHP5 | Perl | CGI | ASP.NET
Database Support:
MYSQL Databases
Order Now:

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